Born and raised in the (Mandurah and Murray Districts of the) Peel Region, Peter Zapfella qualified as a Master Hypnotherapist at the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne in 1995. He then qualified as a Master and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and Time Line Therapy ® in the USA. Later he qualified as a Master of Neuro Semantics in Sydney. He is a Master and Trainer of the Emotional Alignment Technique TM and Cyber-Band ® Hypnotherapy. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnosis. Peter is a skilled psychotherapist, who achieves fast, efficient results for his clients. Mandurah Hypnosis. Hypnotherapist Mandurah. Hypnotherapy Mandurah. Therapist Mandurah.

“Unbelievable!! Thank you Peter!!

I walked in a full on Nicotine Addict!! I was not only hooked on Cigarettes but also Nico Gum, Nico Lozenges & Nico Vapes!! ….. After One Session with Peter I was Free!! Never to smoke or indulge in any form of disgusting Nico Ever Again!! Cannot even begin to explain this feeling of Freedom!!

Conclusive from the moment of walking out of Peter’s Therapy. If you think your ready for a new healthy, confident, vibrant life contact Peter Zapfella. Seriously cannot recommend this enough!! Thank you Peter!” Eric Boterhoven. Perth WA.

As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Mandurah, Perth and Peel, Peter specializes in working with people who want to break free of their addictions, dependencies, and bad habits. Usually in just one session, even for many who suffer anxiety!

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Quit addictions, dependencies and bad habits including tobacco and problem alcohol and problem gambling and problem caffeine or chocolate also cola and sugar plus methamphetamine,and cocaine also marijuana, (Click to read more) Plus painkillers (codeine, ibuprofen etc), gaming and screen time television also mobile phones dependencies or Internet and collecting junk, hoarding, pornography, cults, shopping and much more.

Liesa Mandurah Hypnosis
Leisa Stenton

Peter also treats stress, anxiety, depression, fears and past trauma.

‘I worked for Peter 10 years ago following up on past clients. I spoke with 100’s over the phone who were completely satisfied, and had never looked back following their sessions. If you are struggling to quit why not give Peter a call’. Leisa Stenton. Perth WA.

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Quit Smoking – Peter Zapfella

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Jackie C

“I love u Mr Zapfella.

I love wat uve helped do for me, forever thankful, U r simply the greatest, thankuuuu so much.” Jacqui C. Thornlie. WA

Peter has assisted several thousand people achieve their goals, using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy since 1995.

25th Anniversary
Ashley-Satie Mandurah Hypnosis
Ashley Satie

“I located Peter Zapfella at Mandurah Hypnosis through a recommendation by my GP. I found with Peter that he has the ability to make a patient feel comfortable and is very approachable and personable. He handled my every need as a patient and desire to learn and understand the way in which the mind works with extreme professionalism. I cannot speak highly enough of his sincerity and genuine interest in helping his patients. Not to mention his knowledge on the subject. Since my first meet with Peter in 2003 I have directed many patients to him, including family members with outstanding results.” Ashley Satie. Madora Bay. WA.

Liam Coates

Things have started to improve since I quit smoking? I am eating better food. My health is good and I have now lost 7 kgs in the past 3 months. Yays for me since getting all the s@#t out of me life. Liam C. Pinjarra (now Bridgetown). WA.

The wide range of conditions and life challenges treated by Peter can be seen in the range of MP3 therapies listed at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

“I made my goal weight!!! woohooo finally 32.7kg gone in a year….plus the 10.3kg I lost the year before brings my total loss to 43kg!!! I can’t believe I went from a whopping 108kg down to 65kg…I did it!!!! I am so incredibly happy and healthy now. I’ve gone from a size 20+ to a comfortable size 8-10. I’m so darn proud of myself and the woman I have become.  Peter I couldn’t have done it without your help! You’ve helped me to set my mind into gear to accomplish what I have wanted for so long but was unable to do due to self-limiting thoughts…so a massive Thankyou to you Peter.” Sarah Celentano. Mandurah. WA.

When it comes to the important combination of therapy qualifications, experience and understanding in the Peel region – Peter Zapfella is the one to call.

WARNING: Western Australia is due to open to other Australian states and the world in late January or early February 2022.

The threat of COVID-19 will increase for all of us. New variants are a possibility. Research proves smoking increases the risk factor for severe  COVID-19. Smoking can also cause breathing difficulty, pneumonia and other severe acute respiratory conditions such as ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). It is time to ACT NOW. You can be a non-smoker tomorrow without struggle.

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“I cannot be hypnotized!”

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