Peel Tobacco Smoking Rates

While the average rate of tobacco smoking across Western Australia has dropped below 10 per cent the smoking rate within the Peel Region is stuck at almost 15 per cent.

According to the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University smoking rates are higher in lower socio economic areas across Australia.

When the smoking rates are broken down into local suburb’s we can see a clear trend. I will start with the smoking rates of two of Perth’s more affluent suburb’s;

City Beach                        4.5 per cent

Cottesloe                          5.1 per cent

Halls Head & Erskine      14.8 per cent

North Mandurah            15.0 per cent

Dawesville & Falcon       16.1 per cent

East Mandurah               17.3 per cent

Greenfields                      21.5 per cent

Pinjarra                             19.3 per cent

Waroona                          19.5 per cent

Source:                              Australia’s Health Tracker by Area: Smoking Rates Report

While Western Australia has a smoking rate of less than 10 per cent, the Peel region as a whole has recorded smoking rates just below 15 per cent.

In the Peel region, 9.8 per cent of residents have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, 6.7 per cent with cancer, and 6.4 per cent with respiratory problems, excluding asthma.

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